7 Food Combinations You Should Never Eat Together

Food is necessary for all human beings and many of us love to eat. However, not many of us know that there are certain food combinations which may be bad for our body. Here are some of the food combinations you should avoid:

Fruit after meals

Fruits contain sugars that don’t require digestion and will easily leave the stomach. When meals are eaten, they usually contain carbohydrates, proteins, and other minerals which can take a long time to digest. If you eat fruits after a meal, the sugars in the fruit will not be able to leave the stomach faster and will stay there to wait for the others to digest which causes it to ferment in your stomach.

Tomato and cheese pasta

Tomato is known to be acidic. However, acidic things do no work well with pasty things such as cheese. According to the food combining theory, combining carbohydrates with acid is not recommended because of the difficulty to digest it. When dairy is added to this combination, it is even more difficult for the system to digest it.

Bananas and milk

Mixing bananas and milk is known to be one of the most toxin-forming combinations according to Ayurveda. The combination is known to be heavy and can slow down the processing of the mind. It is recommended to those who still wish to take in this combination like milk-based banana shakes or smoothies, nutmegs and cardamom should be added to be able to help with the digestion.

milk and banana

Animal protein and starch

According to some studies, mixing animal protein and starch can cancel out each other’s effectiveness. This is because both of these would need different digestive juices in order to digest them. The cancelation of the effectiveness of these juices would affect the digestion of the food and would cause them to ferment in the stomach. An example of this combination is chicken meat and potatoes.

Liquid during meals

This is one of the most surprising combinations that could be bad for the body. Many would argue that liquid is necessary to help the food go down which is somewhat true. However, liquids dilute the digestive juices which are present in the stomach. Water does so in 10 minutes while juice takes 15 to 20 minutes. This would cause the decrease in effectiveness of the digestive juices when it comes to digestion.

Fruit and yogurt

Fruits and yogurt are some of the most common combinations which many love to have. But not a lot of people know that it is bad for the body. According to Ayurveda and the food combination theory, combining sour fruit with yogurt can cause stomach problems as well as changing the capacity of digestion of the body.

Proteins with proteins

Another combination which Ayurveda and the food combination theory tell people to avoid. Some of the examples are nuts and yogurt, and bacon and eggs. This is because concentrated proteins alone are difficult to digest and having two together would make it more difficult for the stomach to digest them well.